Need help finding a barrel saddle you and your horse both love? Reinsman will help you find which saddle will perfectly position you in the seat, get your legs and feet to feel just right, or find a better fit for your horse and you. We understand and are making it easier to find your perfect barrel saddle you love to ride.

That’s why every Reinsman barrel saddle is made with the insights from these top barrel racers and will quickly become your new favorite: Charmayne James, Marlene McRae, Molly Powell, Sharon Camarillo, and Team Camarillo.

That means each saddle has their seal of approval to sit you just right, feel good as you ride every day and while you compete, and fit your equine athlete well. Not only does your ride improve and become more enjoyable, but also so does your horse’s. Let’s dig into the details of what makes a great barrel saddle.

We believe achieving proper saddle fit is the first step to an enjoyable ride. Trees are designed for the majority of horse conformations. However, there is no standardization in the industry of what is a semi, full, or extra wide fit. At Reinsman, we do our own research and tailor our trees based upon the hundreds of horses we individually fit each year. That is why you’ll find several tree fits that work well on many performance horses. Are you concerned about the gullet measurement?  Learn more about the gullet measurement and why it’s not the defining factor of saddle fit with our Introduction to Saddle Fit.

There are several components that make up a great-feeling seat. The seat rise, padding, cantle angle, cantle height, and twist are a few areas of importance.

When you’re trying to decide if a certain seat size will fit you, you should consider the cantle height and angle before making up your mind. These tips will help you pick the perfect seat size.

✅ 4″ – 5″ cantle: provides back support and will make you sit more in the middle of the saddle seat; may require you to choose a 1/2″ size larger because it sits you more upright depending on the cantle angle (sit in the saddle if you can because sometimes a 1/2″ makes a big difference)

✅ Less than 4″  cantle: lets you sit more relaxed with the seat having a more open feel

Roughout leather has more stick than grainout which is smooth. The more popular option is roughout, but many riders do well with grainout. All fenders have been pre-set to help keep your legs and feet underneath you.

The Rider Buckle has been added to all Reinsman saddles as a safety upgrade. It’s a locking Blevins buckle that prevents the sleeve from slipping off the Blevins buckle and losing your stirrup. That’s great news for all riders.

All saddles are handmade with top-of-the-line features to create the highest quality product and are built by traditional saddle makers. No shortcuts, no time savers, no expense spared. Real hand tooling, real hand stitching, real wool. Real saddles built for real performance by real competitors. Plus, all Reinsman saddles have a lifetime tree warranty. That’s how much we believe in our saddles.

Here’s a quick guide for each saddle style:

💎 Riders love the wood tree fit she’s used for more than 20 years
🔹 Tree fits a wide range of horses
🔹 Suede skirt liner for grip with foam padding for horse’s comfort
🔹 See Charmayne’s saddle collection

💎 Riders love Marlene’s own custom-made Special Effx saddle tree that form fits each horse’s back because of the conforming bars made of an advanced polyethylene
🔹 Biothane stirrup leathers for flexibility and less weight
🔹 Carpet skirt liner for grip and form fits to your horse’s back
🔹 See Marlene’s saddle collection

💎 Riders love the Freedom Fit tree with flexible tree bars that helps contour the fit to more horses allowing for even weight distribution on the horse’s back
🔹 Stirrups are set where they won’t let your legs get behind you
🔹 Deep seat
🔹 See Molly’s saddle collection

💎 Riders love the balanced feel and fit
🔹An all-around looking saddle with what we needed in the barrel race—lightness, balance
🔹 Leg cuts for close contact and precise cues
🔹 See Sharon’s saddle collection

TEAM CAMARILLO: Sharon and Storme Camarillo
💎 Riders love the secure seat and eye-catching looks
🔹Narrow seat twist and wide swells to ride effectively
🔹Fenders are set to help keep rider’s legs from getting behind and falling forward during a run
🔹See Team Camarillo’s saddle collection

💎 Riders love the deep, dished seat and saddle fit
🔹Seat puts you in the correct, balanced position
🔹High cantle helps holds you in
🔹See Reinsman’s barrel collection

Once you find a saddle that feels perfect to you and fits your horse, you can customize it to your liking and make it one-of-a-kind. You decide what it looks like – it’s all up to you and your unique vision.
🔹See Customize Options
🔹Order a Custom Saddle online

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Have more questions about saddle fit? We’re here to help.