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  • What kind of trees do you use?

    All saddle trees used in Reinsman Equestrian saddles are exclusively made by Precision Saddle Tree in Yoakum, Texas. Each tree ensures the best fit for your horse, superior strength, and optimum riding performance. All trees are made of premium Colorado timber. They are digitally designed and crafted with computerized cutting machines to ensure the best fit for your horse. Plus, all Reinsman saddles have a lifetime tree warranty. View our Saddle Trees page to learn more.

  • What is the Rider Buckle?

    Reinsman has made an exciting safety upgrade to all saddles – the Rider Buckle.  It’s a locking Blevins buckle that prevents the sleeve from slipping off the Blevins buckle and losing your stirrup. That’s great news for all riders.

  • How do I read my saddle’s serial number?

    The Serial Number Search is for saddles 2013 and newer.
    Format:  There should be two lines of numbers on your serial plate. The top line is the Model Number. The bottom line is the Serial Number and will begin with the year of production.

    Model # 1234-567AB-90
    Serial #  20131234      (This is the number to type in the search below.)

    If the search box above does not work, please scroll down to read the number manually by model year.

    If you would like additional information we do offer an archive search, we’ll provide you a certificate via email and a hardcopy mailed to you, which includes all of the information that we find on the saddle, including the original catalog image and price, along with sizing information and suggested values based on the condition. If our experts are not able to find your saddle in our archive you will not be charged. Here is a link if you would like the Authentication Certificate: https://circley.com/shop/serial-number/authentication-certificate/

    2013 to Present
    Model Number Layout: 1234-567AB-89 Example: 4241-140CC-05
    (1234)Model Number
    (5)Seat Style: 1=Full Seat,  2=Bicycle Seat,  3= Hardseat,  4=Inlaid Seat
    (67)Seat Size: 30=13″,  35= 13.5″,  40=14″,  45=14.5″, 50=15″,  55=15.5″, 60=16″, 65=16.5″, 70=17″
    (A)Saddle Color: D=Dark Oil,  H=Honey,  Q=Mahogany,  W-Old West,  V=Vintage/Antique,  C=Cofee,  B=Black
    (B)Seat Color: B=Black Suede/Daisy Embossed Suede,  D=Distressed,  T=Tan/Sand Suede,  C=Chocolate Suede/Grainout,  R=Rust Suede, AC=Chocolate Gator,  AT=Tan Gator,  O=Olive Suede, N=Hardseat,  X=Special
    (F)-For Molly Powell Flex Trees Only
    (89) Tree Size: 04 Regular Tree (SQHB),  05 Wide Tree (FQHB)      Saddle Fit Guide

    *If your saddle’s model number does not match what is described above it will be older than 2013.

  • Can I customize my saddle to my liking?

    Yes! All Reinsman saddles are fully customizable with options for tooling, seating, cantles, stirrups, finishes and hardware. Reinsman stands as the elite brand in Performance saddles – all saddles are hand made with top of the line features to create the highest quality product. Visit the Customize page to create your perfect saddle! Submit the order to a dealer using our Dealer Finder. The dealer will price your saddle. In about 10 weeks, you’ll be riding in a saddle that is uniquely yours. Call us at 1-800-548-2487 and we’d be happy to talk options with you and answer any questions

  • What kind of warranty do Reinsman saddles have?

    Every Reinsman saddle comes with a Lifetime Tree Warranty – One Year Parts Warranty – Three Year Silver Warranty. Saddles have a warranty registration card attached which contain a complete explanation of the warranties. All warranties apply to the original purchaser.

  • What are the Reinsman Equestrian Bit Stages?

    The Bit Stages system helps horse owners narrow their focus from Reinsman’s large selection of bits to the right bit for their situation. Reinsman’s Bit Stages approach focuses on the horse and rider in their specific situation, as different events and circumstances call for different bit choices. The bit you use to trail ride in, may not be the best choice for the arena, or for when your junior rodeo star steps up on mom or dad’s horse. Same horse, different situation or rider, different bit. It’s about achieving effective communication and control in each individual situation. The Bit Stages system accompanies Reinsman’s detailed information already provided on the back of each Reinsman bit tag to make bit selection easier than it has ever been!

    Stage A: Are You Riding with Both Hands? Stage A bits are great for starting horses, training, or maintaining steady contact. Aspects include direct reining, non-leverage loose rings and deeings with mouthpiece diameters 5/16” and over.

    Stage B: Moving from Direct Reining to Neck Reining? Stage B is all about transition, with the introduction of leverage and curb pressure. Short shanked bits and half-gags comprise Stage B.

    Stage C: Where Neck Reining is a Way of Life! Horses who respond well to poll pressure are in Stage C. Features include a solid mouthpieces and cheek attachment, and swivel cheeks with jointed mouthpieces or low to medium ports.

    Stage D: Are We Talking or Whispering? Stage D is about refinement, subtle cues and quick communication. Characteristics include increased leverage, more sophisticated mouthpieces, and may also incorporate higher ports.

    Stage E: Call in the Specialist! When your horse enters Stage E – he’s asking for some time with the Pros. Here tiny twists, very high ports, and highly complex mouthpieces are key components.

    All Reinsman bits are backed by our Handshake Promise which is a lifetime warranty from craftsmanship defects. We take great pride in our bits, and believe in each one we make. We promise to build the highest quality products from the best materials so your bits lasts.

  • How should I care for my Reinsman saddle?

    The most important aspect of saddle care is that the life of the leather depends upon the care you give it. Most saddles experience the tough rigors of the environment, and proper care is essential to prolong their life. Visit our Leather Care page for all the details.

  • How do I become an Authorized Reinsman Dealer?

    Information in becoming an Authorized Reinsman Dealer is available upon request to existing Tack retailers who have a permanent retail store front open to the general public during “typical” retail hours who are interested in carrying a full line of Reinsman saddles and products. DEALER_APPLICATION_05262015.pdf (1379 downloads) .

  • How do I request a sponsorship or donation?

    We greatly value all horse enthusiasts whether you are just getting started, work for a non-profit organization, or will host a charity event. While we would love to give to all those doing admirable work in the equine industry, we are unable to give items to most of the mass requests we receive. You may fill out the Sponsorship Request Form and we will evaluate your request on a monthly basis.