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Corrective Pad Solutions

Find a pad to correct any conformation issue

Sometimes your horse’s back isn’t the ideal shape. It’s problematic because no matter what type of saddle you’re riding, the tree can’t function as it was intended, which is to distribute the rider’s weight down the length of the bars instead of all the pressure on the ends. Since trees are designed for the majority of horse conformations, a corrective pad is often the solution. Reinsman makes saddle pads to fit EVERY conformation issue. Here are some of the most common conformation issues that interfere with proper saddle fit and how to fix it.

The Story Behind Dry Areas

Sweat marks can help you diagnose saddle fit problems, and we've noticed that sweat marks are helpful but can be misunderstood. While an even sweat pattern without dry areas is most desirable, learning the meaning of dry areas is critical.

  • Bridging - these dry spots (like in the photo) are caused by the saddle not making contact along the center of the bars. A very prominent, narrow wither may indicate the lack of muscle behind the shoulder blade, and the need for a shoulder bridge pad. The shoulder bridge pad fills in this “hollow” area, allowing the saddle bars to make better contact with the horse.
  • Previous Injury - Some dry spots are caused by a previous ill-fitting saddle that damaged the sweat glands in that area. Once sweat glands are damaged, most often indicated by white hairs, your horse may never sweat in a specific location regardless of the tack used.
  • Moisture Absorption - using a high-quality wool pad can also cause dry spots, as they're designed to wick moisture where pressure is applied. Try feeling that same spot on your pad to see if you have a dry spot from a gap or from your pad doing its job. If you see ruffled hair or swirl marks from excessive movement in this area, a shim pad may be needed to help even out the weight distribution and stabilize the saddle.

One of the keys to unlocking your horse’s maximum potential is a great-fitting saddle and pad that he’s comfortable in. Reinsman's extensive saddle pad selection will solve your conformation issues to increase your horse's comfort to improve the ride. If you have additional questions, we're here to answer them.