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  • #7030

    Tender Touch Package includes:
    7110 Browband headstall
    7303 Split Reins
    7762 Cowboy German Martingale
    9962 Brown biothane curb chain
    730 Signature iron wrapped lifesaver

  • #7048

    Trigger Package includes:
    7110 Browband headstall
    7303 Split Reins
    7762 Cowboy German Martingale
    9962 Brown biothane curb chain
    748 Trigger Training Gag Sweet Iron

  • #7050

    The most efficient and complete training package on the market today! We have combined our attractive scalloped brow, ¾” harness leather headstall with our exclusive harness leather slotted reins with leather rein stops – this weighted leather provides better feel. The package comes assembled and ready to use with the best-selling 744 Sweet Six Iron Wrap Loose Lifesaver Snaffle and Cowboy Curb. The Sweet Six Lifesaver snaffle is a 3-piece design which lays flat in the horse’s mouth and most horses love this bit. The bit will keep your horse light, supple, and sensitive to the bridle.  This product comes with a Sharon Camarillo “My Choice” recommendation for successful training.

    The Cowboy German Martingale is included in this package – it provides to many riders the feel for a horse because it balances the horse from left to right and front to back to package them up. This training aid is recommended to re-balance a performance horse that is not green or a young colt.

    My Choice Package includes:
    7110 Browband headstall
    7303 Split Reins
    7762 Cowboy German Martingale
    711 Sweet Six Curb Chain
    744 Signature Iron Wrapped Lifesaver

  • #7051

    Black Hawk Package includes:
    7110 Browband headstall
    7303 Split Reins
    7762 Cowboy German Martingale
    7830 Harness leather curb chain
    106 Black Hawk Training Snaffle

  • #7303 – ¾” x 8’

    Finally a training rein with the weight and body for confident control and “feel” between the rider and horse. The button stop and diamond shaped stopper allows for conversion between running or German martingale.

  • #7326 – ⅝” x 8’

    Made from heavy harness leather. Brass bolt snaps and water loops for an easy change. Harness leather is hot stuffed with oils and waxes so it’s hearty and will withstand harsh weather conditions. Feels great in your hands.

  • #7730

    ⅝” Rope Gag headstall. Finally a leather draw gag headstall that really works! It adjusts to fit your horse and will stay in place when pulling on one rein. It’s easy to install a bit by removing and reinstalling rein ring.

  • #7732

    ⅝” Browband rope gag headstall. Finally a leather draw gag headstall that really works! It adjusts to fit your horse and will stay in place when pulling on one rein. It’s easy to install a bit by removing and reinstalling rein ring.

  • #7749

    Sharon designed this harness leather and braided nylon rope bridle especially for this bit. The draw gag aids in the suppling process at the poll, neck, shoulder and rib area. Simultaneous pressure is applied at the poll and corners of the mouth to aid in proper headset training, while also teaching pressure and release. For experienced riders and not for competition. Over use can cause too much break in the poll. Adjust to natural position, one wrinkle in the corner of the mouth.

    Reinsman’s Handshake Promise is a lifetime bit warranty from craftsmanship defects: Our commitment to you is to build the highest quality products from the best materials. Reinsman bits are warrantied to be free of craftsmanship defects throughout its useful life.

    Sharon Camarillo’s acclaimed workshops, Performance Horsemanship for Better Barrel Racing, have influenced students all over the world to enjoy the process of developing their equine partner, regardless of the discipline, to their personal potential. Her ability to evaluate, inspire and motivate has made Sharon Camarillo’s instructional books and DVD’s among the best sellers in the industry.

    Sharon is a Multi-National Finals Rodeo qualifier, and one of only a few women to have been inducted into both the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame. As an international equine clinician and industry advocate Sharon’s career has encompassed many facets of the equestrian world and western lifestyle.

  • #7760

    This heavy duty and stitched harness leather bonnet tie down is used on horses that have a tendency to carry their poll high with their chins tucked behind the vertical position. These horses learn to hide behind a traditional noseband tie down and avoid contact. The bonnet tie down uses pressure in front of and behind the horses ears at the poll area to lower the head regain control and contact.

  • #7762

    The uniqueness of this leather fork martingale is designed to be used with a single or double training rein. The position of the button slot on the rein allows the rider to adjust the German styled martingale to help collect and balance the horse. The equipment will help promote athletic carriage by helping the horse to round in the back while elevating at the either poll.

  • #7765

    Made of ¾” russet harness leather. Strong and durable, fully adjustable to several lengths. Hand rubbed edges for smooth feel. Nickel hardware with brass snap.

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