Reinsman has created five Bit Stages to help you narrow your focus from Reinsman’s 300 bits to the right bit for your horse and riding situation.

Reinsman’s Bit Stages approach focuses on the horse and rider in their specific situation, as different events and circumstances call for different bit choices. The bit you use to trail ride in, may not be the best choice for the arena, or for when your Jr. Rodeo star steps up on mom or dad’s horse. Same horse, different situation or rider, a different bit. It’s about achieving effective communication and control in each individual situation.  The Bit Stages system accompanies Reinsman’s detailed information already provided on the back of each Reinsman bit tag to make bit selection easier than it’s ever been.

All Reinsman bits are backed by our Handshake Promise which is a lifetime warranty from craftsmanship defects. We take great pride in our bits, and believe in each one we make. We promise to build the highest quality products from the best materials so your bits last.

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stages-aYou ride with both hands
These bits are great for starting horses, training, or maintaining steady contact.
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stages-bYou’re moving from riding with both hands to neck reining
These bits are great for introducing leverage and curb pressure.
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stages-cNeck Reining is a way of life!
Horse responds well to poll pressure.
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stages-dAre we talking or whispering?
These bits are all about refinement, subtle cues, and quick communication.
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stages-eTime for the Pros
These are specialized bits with tiny twists, very high ports, and complex mouthpieces.
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