What’s Inside a Reinsman Saddle?
A great ride starts with a great fitting tree. All Reinsman saddles have a lifetime tree warranty. That’s how much we believe in our saddles. Take a look at how our trees are made, and you’ll feel confident you’re riding the best!
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Introduction to Saddle Fit
One of the keys to unlocking your horse’s maximum potential is a great fitting saddle that he’s comfortable in. Learn with our understandable and diagramed explanation so you can easily identify any problems with your horse.
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Solve Conformation Issues
Sometimes your horse’s back isn’t the ideal shape. It’s problematic because no matter what type of saddle you’re riding, the tree can’t function as it was intended which is to distribute the rider’s weight down the length of the bars instead of all the pressure on the ends. Good news is these issues are easy to solve!
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The Rider Buckle: Prevent a Lost Stirrup
Losing a stirrup during a ride is no laughing matter. That’s why Reinsman made an exciting safety upgrade to all saddles – the Rider Buckle.  It’s a locking Blevins buckle that prevents the sleeve from slipping off the Blevins buckle and losing your stirrup.
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Bring the Heat in a Reinsman Barrel
Finding the perfect saddle both you and horse love is a big decision.  Use our guide to find a saddle you love to ride. Whether you’re looking for that perfect position in the seat, to get your legs and feet to feel just right, or find a better fit for your horse and you, you’ll love a Reinsman barrel racer. Read more

Every Reinsman saddle is customizable.





Guide to Bit Stages

The five Bit Stages help you narrow your focus from Reinsman’s 300 bits to the right bit for your horse and riding situation. Our approach focuses on the horse and rider in their specific situation as different events and circumstances call for different bit choices.
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Difference Between an Underpad and a Pad Liner
Need a little more cushion under your saddle? Don’t like the bottom that’s on your current pad or maybe you just want to keep things nice and clean? No sweat, get an underpad! These pads were made for just those situations.
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How to Care for Your Saddle Pad
With so many types of saddle pads, we’ll show you how to care for it based upon its material. Proper saddle pad care will help it last and remain comfortable to your horse.
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How to Attach a Half Breed, or Long, Off Billet
Many riders are familiar with the short off billet on your rigging. Another kind of off billet is the long off billet – also called the half breed. Do you know how to properly use one of these? The half breed is popular on Ranchers, Ropers, and some Barrel Racers because of the additional strength it provides.
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Reinsman stands as the elite brand in Performance saddles.  All saddles are hand made with top of the line features to create the highest quality product for a saddle to last a lifetime.
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