Ride Safer with Booma Rein and Never Lose your Reins Again

All riders fear losing the reins because that means lost control of the horse. Booma Rein tethers the reins to the saddle’s swell to always keep them within reach. Booma Rein is made of a flexible material so the horse can lower its head to eat or drink without restriction so it’s ideal for youth riders, roping, barrel racing, training, or trail riding.

Molly Dickinson, Booma Rein inventor, launched the Booma Rein in 2016 because she heard about a barrel racer who lost control of her reins which resulted in a tragic accident. It became Dickinson’s mission to help prevent all riders from losing their reins. Since Dickinson launched Booma Rein, she has been told it has saved lives.

“As a lifelong rider, I always had that nagging concern of losing my reins. When I became a mother and took my first child riding, that concern intensified. The Booma Rein started out to keep my kids safe. After hearing about that woman’s accident because of lost reins, it has grown into my sincere goal that it will prevent tragedies,” said Dickinson.

Made of a durable and waterproof polypropylene, Booma Rein attaches with a carabiner O-ring (included) for trail riding, training, everyday riding. It attaches directly to the rein for calf roping, barrel racing, or other high-intensity riding. Booma will not slip over the horse’s head.

Booma Rein keeper will make the ride safer, more convenient, more enjoyable, and provide peace of mind the reins will never be out of reach. Ideal for youth riders, ranchers, trail riders, ropers, and any other rider who doesn’t want to chance lost reins. Booma Rein is adjustable, will fit any horse and accommodate any rider, and available in eight colors.

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