The most important part of your saddle is what you can’t see – the tree! All saddle trees used in Reinsman Equestrian saddles are exclusively made by Precision Saddle Tree in Yoakum, Texas. All saddle trees ensure the best fit for your horse, superior strength, and optimum riding performance.

All trees are made of premium Colorado timber. They are digitally designed and crafted with computerized cutting machines to ensure the best fit for your horse. Plus, all Reinsman saddles have a lifetime tree warranty. That’s how much we believe in our saddles. Take a look at how our trees are made, and you’ll feel confident you’re riding the best!

We believe achieving proper saddle fit is the first step to an enjoyable ride. Trees are designed for the majority of horse conformations. However, there is no standardization in the industry of what is a semi, full, or extra wide fit.

At Reinsman, we do our own research and tailor our trees based upon the hundreds of horses we individually fit each year. That is why you’ll find several tree fits that work well on many performance horses. Are you concerned about the gullet measurement?  Learn more about the gullet measurement and why it’s not the defining factor of saddle fit with our Introduction to Saddle Fit.