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The Serial Number Search is for saddles 2013 and newer only.

Format: There should be two lines of numbers on your serial plate. The top line is the model number. The bottom line is the serial number and will begin with the year of production.

Model # 1234-56789-00 Ex. 4235-345CN-05

Serial # 2019__ Ex. 20194055

(This is the number to type in the search box to the right.)

If your saddle is not in this format please click here.

Enter Your Serial Number

The Serial Number Search is for Saddles 2006 and never.


Manually Read the Model Number



ABCD = Model Number
E = Seat Style
FG = Seat Size
H = Saddle Color
I = Seat Color
JK = Tree Fit

Example: 4235-345CN-05 20194055

Breaking Down the Model Number

If your model number starts with SP or 9212 ignore the prefix and suffix, the model number will be the core number matching the style below. Ignore the serial number for now.

Place Model Number Seat Style Seat Size Saddle Color Seat Color Tree Fit
Space _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (_) _ _
Example 4255 3 45 C N 05

Model Number

The model number signifies the style of the saddle. Current styles are listed on our website, although some details may have changed depending on the year of your saddle. For older models, we have Authentication Certificates for additional information.

Example: 4235-345CN-05 - Model 4235

Seat Style

E = Seat Style
1 Full
2 Bicycle
3 Hardseat
4 Inlaid

Example: 4235-345CN-05 - Hardseat

Seat Size

FG = Seat Size
20 12
25 12.5
30 13
35 13.5
40 14
45 14.5
50 15
55 15.5
60 16
65 16.5
70 17
75 17.5

Example: 4235-345CN-05 - 14.5" seat

 Saddle Color

H = Saddle Color
D Heavy Oil
H Honey
Q Mahogany
W Old West
V Vintage Antique
B Black
C Chocolate
T Chestnut

Example: 4235-345CN-05 - Chocolate leather

 Seat Color

I = Seat Color
X Special
B Black suede/daisy
D Distressed
T Tan/Sand Suede
C Chocolate Suede/Grainout
R Rust Suede
AC Chocolat Gator
AT Tan Gator
N Hardseat

Example: 4235-345CN-05 - Hardseat

Tree Fit

JK = Tree Fit
04 Regular
05 Wide
06 Extra Wide
F__ Freedom Fit

Example: 4235-345CN-05 - Wide fit

Freedom Fit saddles have an F before the tree size.

Serial Number

The serial number is a unique identifier. It is created by using the year the saddle began production and the count of saddles.

Example: 20194055- this saddle would have been the 4055th saddle started during 2019.

Additional Information

For any additional information, including original catalog photo, description, price, and more, we have Authentication Certificates available.